The Videos

A place where Guy can finally put some moving images of his delightful little girls.  Susan is against this "big-time", as movies are not nearly as flattering as the still pictures, but with your positive feedback, this may become a regular feature on this site.  So if you find these movies "cute" or "fun" or just plain "interesting", please let us both know, so we can sway the balance in favor of producing some more.

- The Editor.


Note: You may have problems playing these videos on your computer directly (depends on bandwidth and your settings for Windows Media Player).  If you are having trouble, you can right-click on the link as select "Save Target As..." to save the video to your computer.  You may also have to turn acceleration off in Windows Media Player if you only see a black screen - if this is the case, call Guy for more assistance.

Learning to Walk, 2004  

Easter, 2005